Our unity makes us trustworthy

We’re a team of experts bound by our love for work well done and our dedication to keeping our commitments. In a field where there is no room for approximation, we have chosen excellence and performance for over 30 years.

Progress chaser

We are both keepers of industrial know-how and progress chasers. We take action collectively today with drive and pragmatism to better anticipate the future and meet your upcoming needs with audacity and accuracy.

Your success is our reward

And finally, because your success stories are our biggest rewards, we place our sound combination of authentic know-how and tireless enthusiasm at the service of your projects and peace of mind. “Only one goal: your satisfaction”



Tec Inox thrives on innovation and has a real appetite for challenges: we do not back down when faced with one. On the contrary, we take them on with audacity! This enables us to extend our know-how to new territories. Year after year, with consistent diligence and energy, we add more expertise to our list of skills.


Motivated by a corporate culture tinted with optimism and empathy, TEC INOX nurtures strong and authentic relationships with its employees and partners. From the very first meeting to the final handover, TEC INOX puts its heart and soul into each and every project and commits to satisfying its demanding client base.


With a strong conviction that the best performances are long-lasting, TEC INOX is devoted to making efficient decisions while maintaining the highest level of quality. With a focus on client satisfaction, TEC INOX works with dexterity and attention to every last detail (both visual and technical) to guarantee the best value for money there is.

An attentive team

From our very first meeting, we work hard to provide precise answers to your questions. Thanks to our responsiveness, we are able to define your needs in no time. Our skills and our experience are sure to win you over and reassure you throughout project implementation.

Your peace of mind

Your peace of mind is a matter of course for us. Our clients rely on our know-how and have complete faith in our teams. By choosing TEC INOX, they are giving themselves the certainty that their project will be carried out to perfection and with no stress.

Availability, attentiveness, presence

Committed, available and attentive: we stand by our clients before, during and after project implementation. We are here to support you and offer fail-proof solutions to bring you the same satisfaction as our thousands of existing clients.

Our know-how

Thanks to our manufacturing expertise, our know-how also factors in the high-quality of our designs for the various types of tanks available. The perfect cohesion of our various departments as well as the professional knowledge of every team member involved provide us with a recognised global skillset.