STAINLESS STEEL: a safe and technical material

We work with 304L or 316L European stainless steels. They combine a number of features: hygienic, food-safe, aesthetically pleasing, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean and recyclable. The mechanical properties of stainless steel enable us to optimise production.

Precise and high-quality written offers

In the interest of transparency, we routinely include a detailed technical definition with our commercial offers. We add sketches and layout plans to help you visualise your stainless steel tank project as a whole.

Regular quality control

Quality checks are carried out throughout the production process: grade and thickness of the stainless steel coils, geometry, verticality, watertightness of seams using dye penetrant testing, endoscopy, hydraulic filling, testing of transfer surfaces and compliance with the plan.


Each tank is identified and comes with its own paired manufacturing file, which includes the material and food contact certifications, the equipment parts list, the inspection reports, the as-built manufacturing drawings, the equipment’s technical factsheets and the photos.

Watertightness tests

The seams of our stainless steel tanks are routinely tested by trained COFREND 2 operators using dye penetrant to identify the slightest fault that could compromise the watertightness and the solidity of the tanks. A final hydraulic filling process confirms these inspections.

High-quality welding

Our last-generation automated MIG welding machines (CMT) are guaranteed to give the weld beads a perfect quality, regularity and aesthetic appeal. Our certified TIG welding operators assemble the equipment with utmost attention to detail.


Human safety is our company’s priority. All of our operators have followed safety training courses and have the required clearance to operate machinery, to work at a height (fleet of 8 aerial work platforms) as well as in confined spaces.

Meeting deadlines

For the last 30 years, our consistent ability to meet deadlines has been a recognised strength for our clients. We are very much aware of the importance of timeliness and we take pride in keeping our commitments and in accepting any possible late fees.

A long-term relationship

“Because a successful project leads to a successful company” We know how to maintain a long-term relationship with our clients by getting involved and being available before, during and after project completion.

Interested in our products?

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Interested in our products?