As a member of the EHEDG, TEC INOX relies on certified solderers to satisfy the hygiene and food grade requirements related to the production of dairy products, fruit juices, mineral waters, alcohols, oils, vinegars etc.

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Chemistry and cosmetics

TEC INOX calculates and produces atmospheric storage tanks and pressurized ATEX reactors in compliance with applicable standards (EU Pressure Equipment Directive) and in line with various building codes.

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TEC INOX produces 304L or 316L stainless steel tanks with a cold-rolled or a bright annealed finish. Tanks are a tailor-made tools, perfectly suited to the winemaking process.

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TECINOX specials

TEC INOX has the skills and study means to respond to new and specific projects. We will be able to accompany you from the definition to the installation of your equipment.

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